Kit used on Abrakadabra with HCSS: Ludwig Vistalite 1970’s

January 2022

HCSS or HARDCORE SUPERSTAR as they started out as in 1997 have just released the 4th single ”Forever and a day” from the forth coming album ”Abrakadabra” (release March 25th 2022). This album has a really good feel about it and I hope it will please both old and many new fans.

Me and these wild bunch have worked together before on several projects, the 2004 s/t or ”Black Album” being our biggest success so far.

As on the Black Album I once again sat in the Producers chair together with the band of course. I don’t ever have believed in working towards a direction that the band does not support just to get my own ideas thru. I am there to snap up what the band wants and to translate that into technical solutions and ways to record, and to make that balanced in terms of the members capacity at that moment. I am the bands (Swiss army) tool and I like to work hard when the band is committed, which in HCSS’s case always are 100 % bullet proof. They have always tried to get the best result out of what they do and I am glad to work with them again on this new banging album.

Check Out this 2 minute overview video of the drums & basic tracks recording process.

Sitting on all the audio production seats at once, that being record all instruments, analogue mix and also mastering the album, is fun and challenging and it motivates me a whole lot.

Soundcloud showcases an isolated drum track for the latest single.

Ludwig Vistalite soon to be miced up for Adde of HCSS in our cozy Bombastik Drum Recording Studio located in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Autumn, the most creative period here up north?!


Historical times! The small buggers in that virus have spread its turbulence in every field of mankind and of course also in our domain. I’m feeling worried for the future of many smaller studios, PA rental businesses, bands, labels, and so on. Alot of my close friends have the worst time of their lives and they can’t see the sun rising anywere near yet.

For my own sake I’m quite cool, I’m not doing audio and/or music for a living 100%. My services are too narrow to make that happen. Therefore I also have a regular work since ten years, fixing the gardens of my hometowns commune. The duality with double duties keeps me inspired, yet a bit exhausted some times. But hey, sleep when we’re dead, right?

The autumn seem not so compromised by C19 as I thought it would be. In fact, it is packed with work as every other year when all the creative beautiful people returns after vacay with new inspiring ideas. That said, I’ve got several news coming up soon here on the site!

Beside my drum services with Bombastik, and my other audio engineering dutys I’ve during  begun to master albums alot lately. Several vinyl transitions have been in my main focus for both small and big labels, and they’ve comed out quite pleasing I must say. I found the mastering process very inspiring, much to my audio friends surprise haha.

Have also upgraded my Bombastik / One Room studio a whole lot bit tech wise and now have alot more gear and great sounding plugins than I really got time to learn, 🙂

So let’s get bissy and bring the autumn on!

Oh yeah, btw…..”ONE ROOM”, What is that?! 
Well, sometimes I use my studio for recording a full band instead of just their drums. I felt I needed a name on the studio to use for those ocations, cause it couldn’t be called anything with DrumRecordings in those cases. May seem a bit confusing to some, but WTH, I like the  name ONE ROOM RECORDINGS and it also tells alot about the process when recordings are beeing made in that place.

Yes, it is one great sounding room where all interaction between the musicians and the tech/producer takes place. No control room means direct communication with the musicians and as a audio engineer I like to watch the action and detect the root of sound issues coming from the band. Here I can support them fast, directly on. If the band needs time for themselves I can take a step outside and just spend some time in the hallway. 

The studios setup often gets described by customers and visitors as

”the most cosy rehearsal space and relaxed studio I’ve been to”
”this is a place where you just want to hang and make music in”

This makes me so glad ’cause it’s what I set out to create when forming my studio and hangout. There are alot of small, not so nice looking studios, and there are several very big and very nice looking, but also pricey ones. One Room/Bombastik are trying to be as cosy as u rapidly notice when entering, but sonically tries to deliver more than you think.

So, hook me up and come visit if you’re curious if this is the right place for you as a drummer OR for your whole unit to lay down your tracks.

To sum this all up: 
”One Room Recordings” are the name of my studio.
”Bombastik Drum Recordings” are the name of my drum recording service that I can deliever in ANY studio the customer wants, but is most often beeing done in One Room, cause there I can deliever really good sounding drums for a fair price. My room sounds great for all acoustic instruments, been doing vocals without any dampening at all and it sounds just natural.

Photo: Tess Stephansdotter

↑ The 20th anniversary celebration summer tour 2019 with LOK are doing grrreat so far.

It’s such a thrill to meet both old and new listeners! The peoples verdict seem to be solid… they got what they expected, and alot more, they tell us! We can’t be nothing less than super thrilled to hear that, because what we set out to achive when the rehearsals begun was to capture and sculpture our stage sound to the next level, bringing more of that original sound of LOK’s first album ”Naken, Blästrad och Skitsur” out thru the PA speakers then we ever did before. 

Tech wise the 1979’s (24,13,14,16,16,18 and 14×5″ Supra-equiped) Ludwig ’Enhanced Buddy Rich’ kit deliviers the classic LOK-sound thru Sennheiser, Warm Audio and Ehrlund microphones, finally through a mighty Allen & Heath console. Master FOH Arnold Lindberg are a true wizard keeping the dB-levels within limits but yet maximizing the power out of the band.

The tour rolls on all summer and we’ll will not stop working on more audio details, just because we love it and of course also due to the fact that we believe it makes a sonic difference that will leave people remembering the experience as solid and powerful.

Photo: Therese Rasmusson

↑ Our New Bombastikooo Logo has arrived!
Made By: Doomherre

We have it on both stickers and shirts now. Please give us a shout if u want to order some drumming workwear. First print of shirts contains: White or Black Tee’s and also Black Hoodies in super quality. If you like to represent we’ll sell them for the price we paid making them.

↑ During 2019 our services may be down from time to time! 
That due to the fact that main engineer Johan are touring with his reunited group LOK in 2019. To be sure that the now 20 year older arms and legs are drumming as the material was written Johan will be taking some extra time focusing on the grooves.

..BUT please don’t hesitate to make contact if you have interest in recording with him!

Also… please come see the band live during the small amount of festivals they’re doing in the summer of 2019. The band will first and foremost be saluting their debut full length album ”Naken, Blästrad och Skitsur” that was released early 1999.

LOK 1998.
Video Link for ’LOK står när de andra faller’
(One 1980’s Pearl Wood/Fiberglass kit were damaged in the making of this video 🙂

↑ Hey I guested ”White Limo Podcast

For the first time we are sitting down chatting on that interwebz craze they call Podcasts.
The program: Episode 91

↑ Heavy Metal Warriors RAM went Bombastik again!

In collaboration with these dudes for the third time around we went to set the sound for old school drummer maniac Morgan and RAM, recording in their own studio Black Path Recordings. The attitude and sound is basic, straight forward and punchy like hell. Like it should be in their style of ’New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal’. Album will be out before this summer!

↑ Progressive Metal with TAR!

A band that newly had been restarted and once again had found the energy and passion together with new drummer Alexander. TAR went in with us in the fall of 2018 and took their time to record some interesting piece of music that will be out in 2019. Complex drumming by an all together VND (Very Nice Drummer). We really appreciated to work with these guys!

↑ Recordings live with a whole band is always so much fun!

RADAR challenged theirselves springtime 2018 and went with the old way of recording music, and found alot of good energy there. Fuck perfection. Hail the energy! Some bands would not pull that thru but you don’t mess with Radar, because they will find you and send out their troops.
Drummer Lena’s kit were built up with pieces we had in our studio, a kit containing of a 1962 Ludwig 20×14″ kick drum and a 1970’s Vistalite 14×5″ snare. The Floor Tom used are a 1979 Buddy Rich 16×18″ drum. Mixed kits are never a problem in the studio. Often it’s better to blend things together and let the drummer try out different stuff and just use your ears. The result of this enjoyable quick live session can be heared on Spotify for example, titled ’Hybris och självhat’

↑ Björn Fryklund of Freak Kitchen is surely one hell of a drummer.

He were in the studio and out of it quicker than we ever experinced (ONE freaking day, holy macaroni) when recording Freak’s latest album ’Confusion To The Enemy’, released sep 2018. As always with this excellent drummer and band the album contains a whole lotta intense playing with cut thru precision!

↑ Ufofolket were in the studio the other week 

They laid down the first six drum tracks for their second album, set to be released in 2020. 

The drums used this time were a mix of Vintage Sonor and Ludwigs. For all you nerds: 22×18 Kick, 10×10 Tom, 12×12 Tom, 16×18 Tom. Supraphonic, Vistalite snare drums. Cymbals: Paiste, Sabian, Zildjian and Istanbul, a mix of all that’s good. The sound is continuing in the style of classic punk/hc/thrash.

Check out Ufofolkets debut EP

We’re so thrilled to hear that the much talented Sarah Klang..

..are on a sucessful debut tour right now. Two years ago we were lucky to get to record some drums for Sarahs first single ’Sleep’. We wish her and the band great sucess for all future to come! In this picture producer Anna is feeling the Ludwig Vistalites and vibing in with the great voice that Sarah delivers. Please Go Check Her Out !

Mother Misery’s new full length album ”Megalodon”

Out now on Transubstans and are getting nice rewievs. We took care of the drum recording and on a kit mixed with DW and Ludwig we found a solid sound that were recorded unto 18 sweet channels of Bombastikness.

In 2017 we bought our first ever SONOR drumkit.

A gloss white 5-piece vintage ‘Phonic Plus’ kit from the early 80’s. We didn’t know what to expect, since these kits are made of Beech wood, wich was new to our ears, and also since these drums are built extremly thick and heavy (well you can see the German sittin’ up there). These are multi layer drums, nine to be exact.

…But when setting them up for the recording session for
The Lurking Fears debutalbum and hearing great drummer Adrian Erlandssons ferocious beating of them we got really over whelmed.

We extended the first set of drums with more units to build a classic monster hardrock kit. We now can offer:
2 x 22 Kicks,
10/12/13/14 Toms,
2 x 16” Floor Toms,

And three different Sonor Snares from the same era:
D 506 14×6,5 (Steel)
D 508 14×8” (Steel)
D 518 14×8” (Scandinavian Beech wood)

The Phonic + Phonic Plus Series..

Were used alot in the 80’s by drummers like Nicko Mc Brain (Peace of mind / Powerslave period), Tommy Lee (Shout At The Devil and Theatre Of Pain period). Phil Rudd also used both std Phonic and the Phonic Plus series. IE, these are drums that we heard on our fav albums during our first years of playing.

Now Please Enjoy Lurking Fears debut album!
And head over to Nuclear Blast and buy the VINYL

↑ Firebreather Debut Album is Out!

We helped our friends in Firebreather setting up and tuning a brand new, nice and green TAMA 4-piece kit in Elementstudion, Gothenburg. Drummer Tommy Hanning just switched back to drums after severeal years with guitar and bass in alot of different bands and seemed glad to have found his rhytmic roots again.
Spotify Soundcheck
a n d
Vinyl when you have your paycheck

↑ ”Of Judith”..

..wanted to record their three man outfit all live and fairly quick (except for the vocals) so we brought out our goodie amps and rigged the whole room. Drums, bass and a stereo guitar setup. The result is out there!

↑ Mother Misery 

recorded their upcoming album on a mixed drumkit with best of vintage Ludwigs and newer drums as DW and Sonor. The tuning was as low as you can go for max swosh! ang thugh!. The rest of the recording process takes place at the mothers own studio in their hometown of Enköping.


↑ ”An Ill Wind Blowing”

Heavy new album from Age Of Woe, out on War Anthem Records. We took part of the drum setup and tuning process and the result sounds really nice to our old metal ears…..Meaty!!  -> Buy Vinyl version here


↑ Crossyears, a new release from Långfinger

Finally, Långfingers new album hits the earth! Crossyears were recorded in collabaration with Welfare Studio and for the interested drummer we used the 70’s Orange 24/12/14/16 tuned low with coated Ambassadors (and a clear Ludwig ”SilverDot” on the kick drum batter head), aiming for that fat and muddy old school thumpy sound that works better and better when raising your volume knob. This albums sounds clearly best on vinyl and can be found at Smallstone Records.

For some convenient streamfidelity pleasure aim your mouse at THIS


↑ New split from Hemskt Näringsliv & SOB Pariassound

A fun punk recording project we did, not only the drums this time though.
The band were recorded live onto ten channels only. Five mics around the drum kit and another five on room ambience, bass and the bands three (!) guitars. Only lead vocals were made separatly on channel 11.  Fastest recording process we’ve made and now it’s on vinyl together with the great great SOB Pariassound, also hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden.


↑ New album out from Dödaren

Dödarens album ”Passage” is out now on bandcamp and your favourite streaming service. Drums were recorded at BDR Feb 2015 and the album was nicely mixed by the Welfare Team that we love to work with.

↑ Bombus went Bombastik

Gothenburg finest rocking papas Bombus new album ”Repeat Until Death” is out now on Century Media. Drums for this album were recorded at our studios in Room A, last year by tech’s and producers Olle Björk, Daniel Johansson and Per Stålberg.
Take a listen at Spotify or watch their video


↑ Check out UFOFOLKET 

Their 6track EP ’Ingen Förmildrande Omständighet’ on Bandcamp.
For fans of more old school punk, thrash and hc… and maybe a squirt or two of those youth years filled with classic hard rock pumping out of the vinyl player every day after school.

Drums used on the album are various vintage Ludwig and Premier kits. For example a 60’s 22″ kick, and some Vistalites aswell. Large Vintage drums may be quite heavy to play but rewarding when you’re mixing the tracks 🙂

BDR & Elektron-Reamped DRS

↑ BIG Bombastik News!!!

Swedish and Gothenburg based ELEKTRON releases new sample pack ”Reamped Drums” with distorted big sounding drum samples, recorded and produced by Bombastik Drum Recordings, Gothenburg Sweden!

The pack includes 142 big sounding samples of both vintage and modern drums & cymbals to be used with Elektrons ”Analog Rytm” Drum Machine.

The samples have been reamped thru guitar amps to create something dirty yet massive.

Happy beatmakin’ !!



ELEKTRON’s ”Analog Rytm” Drum Machine:

RAM Black Path 2015-03

↑ Bombastik Drum Recordings visited Black Path Studio

We did the setup for RAM’s 1980’s Tama kit with 14 mics. This album will be their first since their last… that were called ”Death”. Drummer Morgan is great at playing hard, basic and straight thru our hearts. Never using any hitech gadgests like klicktracks or triggers, BDR loves his classic Hard Rock style of playing.

Långfinger 7"

↑ A new single ’Mangas Coloradas’ with Långfinger is out this week on Spotify and iTunes and on a nice limited edition of 7″. Not recorded at BDR but mixed by us. The forthcoming album is in the works right


↑ Finally finally!! Rentokillers beast ’Humankaamos’ has been released!

You really should check this out! The drums were recorded back in the summer of 2012 in BDR’s old studio space.

Freak K Video

↑ Made by French animation wizard Juanjo Guarnido
Freak Kitchen’s new video is really something special!!

elektron session 2014
↑ We’re right now working on our first drum sample package.

More info’s coming up soon but this will go to 11!! BIG thanx to David Flood for great assistance and being the best dude ever. Check him out

↑ We recorded some drums for Old School Metallers RAM on their split with PORTRAIT soon out on Metal Blade Records.

Tore Seem.01
↑ Great news!! We’re building 2 (!) new studios. The first comes with a big room & great ambience and the other is more of a classic half-controlled room with great preamps. Our old Norwegian mixer is up and running after almost two years on the shelf. Here’s were we recorded the RAM songs for the split EP.

↑ The new Freak Kitchen album Cooking With Pagans is out now and contains excellent intense heavy and tight drumming of Björn Fryklund, all recorded with BDR in early 2013.

BDR at Bongo dec-12

↑ Bombastik is putting down grooves for swedish soft metallers HELLSONGS recording their 3rd full length album. Johan is also producing the record together with Håkan Svensson (Nationalteatern) in his studio ’Bongo Recordings’.


↑ Björn Fryklund did a quick session of two songs during a day and we recorded it in Kött Recordings, Gothenburgh. Björn brought the most expensive and loudest snare drum we ever recorded!


↑ RENTOKILLER (check them out @ SPOTIFY) hooked up with Bombastik Drum Recordings and began recording the long awaited new full length album! Drummer Toni Slayer were documented unto 18 fat channels consisting of Ludwig drums, Sabian cymbals and Bombastisk ambience. This album’s coming for your ears, guts and neck muscles, release 2014/2015!

Eaglestrike at BDR-1

↑ EAGLESTRIKE is fronted by Freak Kitchen bassplayer Christer Örtefors. Drummer Jörgen Tjusling nailed 12 new songs for an upcoming album. The drum sound will be fat and like that classic analogue hard rock drum sound you heard on your favorite records. Release 2015!

Freak-Bjorn at BDR-2

↑ Just like on their last album LAND OF THE FREAKS Freak Kitchen choose the Bombastik way of recording drums for their upcoming full length album.
Excellent drummer Björn Fryklund choose to play BDR’s vintage Ludwig kit with 26″ Bass drum! The album consists of some really fine hardhitting groovy beats.


↑ Gothenburgh pop act Belles & Arrows recorded some groovy parts with BDR this week. Dubbing drums (playing the same beats, twice) and a crazy tuned kit seemed to please guitarist and producer C. Alsing well. This song will be released late 2012.

OTARI MX5050 8-Track

For the fans of old school mid-fi punk rock recordings we’ve purchased an analogue 8-track OTARI tape machine. We’ve found old clips of Dead Kennedys in the studio early 80′s and it looks like they’re recording on a machine just like ours! Now that’s fökin cool u nuw!!