Drums is Fun!
For all you drum fanatics. Some jävligt goo nerdy info related to our in-house gear at BDR

SONOR Phonic Plus Series, early 1980’s
Smooth sounding but hard rockin Beech kit with toms far more projective than you might think. Thick shells (N I N E layers) and monster heavy on the ground. A great Rock/Metal kit.

ß22 x 17″ Kicks (Two are available)
10, 12,13,14″ Toms (All square sizes)
16×18″ Floor Toms (Two are available)

’D 506’ 14×6,5 (Steel)
’D 508’ 14×8” (Steel)
’D 518’ 14×8” (Beech)

LUDWIG Big Beat Vistalite ”Tequila Sunrise” 1970’s
Controlled but loud and big sounding acrylic drums. A great rock kit and nice look too.
24×16″ Kick
13×9 & 14×10″ Toms
16×16″ & 18×16″ Fl Toms
14×5,5″ Snare

LUDWIG Big Beat ”Buddy Rich” 1970/1980’s
Classic 70’s Ludwig Maple kit with big, warm and fat sound. Works great for all styles of music.

24×16″ Kick
12×8″ Tom
13×9″ Tom
14×10″ Tom
16×16″ Floor Toms (Two are available)
18×16″ Floor Tom

14×5″ Supraphonic 1960’s
14×5″ Supraphonic 1970’s
14×8″ Coliseum 1980’s

ORANGE ’Big Concert’ 1970’s
Mahogny drums. Concert Toms. Very rich low end, muddy in a good way, late 70’s early 80’s typical thud sound.

24×14″ Kicks (Two are available)
10×8″ / 12×9″ / 13×9″ / 14×10″ / 15×12″ / 16×14″ Toms (Concert Type)
18×16″ Floor Tom
14×6,5″ Snare (Steel)