Bombastik Drum Recordings is a drum studio with huge interest in
recording gorgeous sounding drum tracks at a reasonable price.

It is also, a drum service center that do everything drum related.

Our studio is located in the center of Gothenburgh, Sweden but we can work wherever.

We’re here for everyone that needs assistence recording drums! Bands, solo artists, composers, arrangers and software developers.

We aim to mike, tune, record and capture the drum sound you have in your head. We love all styles and genres. We do projects from 2hours to months.

We can also assist with just tuning your kit and preparing for your rec sessions, 
playing drums on your songs, producing, editing, sampling, soundreplacing and more.

Please contact us and describe what you’re looking for!

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Bombastik’s Ludwig Vistalite in front of our military industry built 17 track Tore Seem Console,
both from the 1970’s

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