Some recent pics and a gallery from the past, enjoy!

Recording drums is fun!!

We love drum recordings!

[img src=]13701980's Sonor Phonic Plus micked up for some classic death metal with Lurking Fear, recording in Welfare Studio
[img src=]820Age Of Woe's great Sven Lindsten soundchecking in Elementstudion
[img src=]730Trying out a new fat snare during three song session with We Live In Trenches back in 2015
[img src=]860Talented singer Sarah Klang went Bombastik on her first single. Producer Anna listens to the Vistas choir
[img src=]890Live PsychPunk Double Kit Recording Setup for the Finish band KXP
[img src=]840The boldest and most mighty form of overhead micing is always tempting
[img src=]670Live Punk Recording Setup for the band 'Of Judith'
[img src=]540Always something to update on vintage drums, knåparverkstad hela höstarna
[img src=]650Our Bombastik Recording Room with the Vistas and the Oranges
[img src=]650Trying out a Craviotto 22 with best Dude ever David Flood
[img src=]720Tuning the Tama's for Firebreather in Elementstudion
[img src=]840Yeah! Taking it outside! Orange sits nice in the streets of Majorna, helping our friends out in Hellsongs with some video drumming!
[img src=]710All those Bombastik experiments between recording projects. Learning more is the best thing to spend your free time.
[img src=]660Finding the right pieces with the band 'Mother Misery'
[img src=]62018 mic's are capturing the drums for the hext Mother Misery album
[img src=]610We had to capture these rare mahogny monsters. Big sample recording project.
[img src=]670The 'Orange' labeled drums were manufactured by French company Capelle Drums in the 70's
[img src=]650This setup: 24x14" Kick, 10,12,14,16 toms and a Ludwig Coliseum 14x8" snare drum
[img src=]620These sound SO fat, warm and full. 70's rock and reggae comes to mind
[img src=]710This colour just gives the room so much energy!
[img src=]640
[img src=]600
[img src=]580The downside of multisampling drums the pro way... takes ALOT of hits. ALOT of coffee is therefore needed!
[img src=]4410Toni Slayer Siira of Rentokiller recording Using BDR's Vintage Ludwig kit
[img src=]2450Toni Slayer Siira of Rentokiller recording Using BDR's Vintage Ludwig kit
[img src=]3550Hellsongs, Bongo Studio. Mixed kit: Orange, Ludwig and a old marching bass drum as effect
[img src=]2840Hellsongs ::: Bombastik Drum Recording in the very sweet Bongo Studio in Gothenburg
[img src=]2280Recording with Hellsongs in Bongo Studio, Mölndal.

..and has been for many years now

[img src=]540Björn Fryklund recording a FREAK KITCHENs album
[img src=]240Jörgen Tjusling of EAGLESTRIKE hittin' it hard
[img src=]38002008: Ulf Dageby Band recording demos in Bongo/SGS
[img src=]11302001: LOK recording the third and last studio album in Tambourine Studios, Malmö
[img src=]12002001: LOK recording the third and last studio album in Tambourine Studios, Malmö
[img src=]3302008: RAM, Lightbringer Album Sessions. Hardhittin Morgan plays the Orange Mahogny kit. Recorded at SGS / Bongo 1
[img src=]7902000: LOK and Hardcore Superstar joint forces and recorded the song 'Staden Göteborg' in Oral Majority Recordings with Roberto Laghi
[img src=]2602012: Fabulous Bjorn Fryklund recording a session job
[img src=]1180February 2000: The recording of the first Peter Dolving EP in Oral Majority Recordings with Roberto Laghi