Drums is Fun!
For all you drum fanatic. Some jävligt goo nerdy info related to our own gear at BDR

SONOR Phonic Plus Series 1980’s
Smooth sounding but hard rockin Beech kit with toms far more projective than you might think. Thick and heavy on the ground. A great Rock/Metal kit
22 x 18″ Kicks (Two are available)
10, 12,13,14″ Toms (All square sizes)
16×18″ Fl Toms (Two are available)

’D 506’ 14×6,5 (Steel)
’D 508’ 14×8” (Steel)
’D 518’ 14×8” (Beech)

LUDWIG Big Beat Vistalite ”Tequila Sunrise” 1970’s
Controlled but loud and big sounding acrylic drums. A great rock kit and nice look too.
24×16″ Kick
13×9 & 14×10″ Toms
16×16″ & 18×16″ Fl Toms
14×5,5″ Snare

LUDWIG Big Beat ”Buddy Rich” 1970/1980’s
Classic 70’s Ludwig Maple kit with big, warm and fat sound. Works great for all styles of music.

24×16″ Kick
13×9 & 14×10″ Toms
16×16″ Fl Toms (Two are available)
18×16″ Fl Tom

14×5″ Supraphonic 1960’s
14×5″ Supraphonic 1970’s
14×8″ Coliseum 1980’s

ORANGE ’Big Concert’ 1970’s
Mahogny drums. Concert Toms. Rich low end, muddy in a good way, late 70’s early 80’s sound.

24×14″ Kicks (Two are available)
10×8″ / 12×9″ / 13×9″ / 14×10″ / 15×12″ / 16×14″ Toms (Concert Type)
18×16″ Fl Tom
14×6,5″ Snare (Steel)